A downloadable game for Windows

Run, kill them or die

The game is from the survival-horror category. The main target of the game is to get out of the psychiatric hospital where there are zombies that will be on our way to freedom. You will be able to defend yourself against your enemies with a pistol that you can get at the beginning of the game. The current version of the game (Alpha 6.1) contains 8 levels, announced artificial intelligence of enemies, playable character, autosave after each level and option menu.

Default control
Arrow Up, W – Forward
Arrow Down, S – Backwards
Arrow Left, A – Left
Arrow Right, D – Right
Move Mouse - Look around
Key E – Action
Key X – Hiding and pulling up the pistol
Key R – Reload
Key F – Flashlight
Left mouse button (LMB) – Shoot
Key Esc – Pause Menu

Social Media
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheOblivionGame
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AsylumOblivion


The Oblivion Asylum alfa 6.2.zip 528 MB

Development log


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The amount of game you have packed in here is absolute incredible, that blew my mind! I got really invested in the story as well. Really good job!!

Excellent bloodspattered job! Very good atmoshpere and gameplay. Thank you for all the hard work on this project, keep it up!

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I like this game. Played v.6.1. Btw, a little bit hard for me. Pros: Zombies are smart, chase you and harm to you. Hear little sounds coming from you and immediately attack. Cons: Jump and crouch mechanics should be added. Because, objects around us won't let me escape. If player could quiet walk, the zombies wouldn't have easily noticed us. Additions: Hiding areas like closets, under the bed etc. may be added.

Thanks to the marcin4001, keep going, Good Luck!

¿esta en español/tendra traduccion al español? ¿es un juego completo o una demo? ¿cuanto dura el juego?


Heeey just did this game for my new YT video.. really enjoyed the game haha will for sure be making a second part or third or however many it takes :D 


I had fun with this one!!

This was loads better than I initially expected , I had a really good time playing 😀

Hard to get to the gun though! 😂

Looks fun, seems I run out of ammo in later parts, and can't proceed. But, I'm just inept :p

on which level?